We created the digital platforms of the "Zero Waste" and "Turkey Environment Protection Foundation" projects

We partnered with the Ministry of Ecology, Urban Development, and Climate Change to develop the digital platforms for the 'Turkey Environmental Protection Foundation' and 'Zero Waste' projects, which aim to enhance Turkey's ecological condition.

Our goal was to create user-friendly interfaces that effectively communicate how Turkey can contribute to its environmental well-being. Through extensive research, we successfully designed interfaces that resonate with the target audience, ensuring ease of understanding.

To refine the final outcome and promptly identify areas for improvement, we actively gathered real-time feedback, conducted testing, and organized test sessions. As a result, the interfaces we developed are entirely user-centric. 

Presently, both projects, tucev.csb.gov.tr and sifiratik.gov.tr, are widely known as the resources dedicated to bettering the ecological well-being of the country.

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